About me

Freelance web developer, lover of JS and all new stuff #reactjs, #redux, #docker #machinelearning... Co-founder and CTO @AppBubbleBD, involved in @AllOverSequins, @recursecenter alumni

After more than five years working on several web related projects, I have an excellent knowledge of this field’s technologies, especially PHP, javascript, MySQL, HTML5 and CSS3.

Co-founder of two start-ups, I know how to lead a tech team while keeping an overall vision of the project. I am able to architect different languages and technologies to bootstrap a viable project and I know how to support its technical growth through the different stages. As CTO and senior developer, I have managed and participated to the integration of the AngularJS and BackboneJS JavaScript frameworks on major projects as well as numerous APIs such as Facebook, PayPal and Mailchimp.

Very curious about new technologies and continuously self-learning, I am currently working on two personal projects built on Node.js and MongoDB.


  • Web-based application and website
  • Project creation from scratch and project support growth
  • Relational database design and development
  • Complex back-end based on Zend and MVC/OOP
  • Front-end integration with major javascript structure and Single Page App
  • Web server maintenance